Audio Limiters: What are they?

So you just bought a brand new Large Diaphragm Condenser mic! Outstanding right?!! I mean, this mic is a top of the line Neuman. When you start recording it’s clipping like crazy while you are singing in to it? WHAT?! WHY?! You know your levels are set right, you’ve checked everything you can think of but it’s still clipping. This is adding a bunch of pops, clicks, and distortion to your track.

There is a solution to this and it’s much easier than you might think! Your answer is to use a limiter on this track. Why? As the name implies, and put very basic….it litterally stops the audio signal from going above a certain threshhold. Think of a drummer. Dude hits his snare super loud….this sound wave is transferred to the diaphragm in the microphone causing it to vibrate. The vibration is then sent through the audio chain to your DAW as ones and zeros after the analog signal (sound waves) have been converted to digital information (ones and zeros) through your audio interface. This displays the drummers snare hit as a loud signal, and clips! With a limiter, the drummer can hit his snare, or any drum head for that matter without clipping.

Learn more by following the link below.

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