Storyboards: Why You Need One

Have you ever watched a video that just didn’t make sense? I don’t mean a Horror Film where the victom runs upstairs where there is literally no exit. I mean…come on, the killer is going to trap them every single time! What I mean is, for example, you’re watching a YouTube video and the scenes are kind of just jumping all over the place leaving you wondering what the heck they are actually trying to portray! What is the M.E.S.S.A.G.E! You’re audience will never know if you don’t plan ahead!

This happens a lot as amatures want to get as much content out into the world as quickly as possible! However, there is so much planning that should take place WAY before hitting that little red circle on your “real life” recorder! Don’t feel bad. We have ALL been in those shoes at some point. None of us started out automatically knowing everything. We learned by failing!

By writing out a storyboard and planning each shot before you start recording, you can transform something mediocre to something BRILLIANT! A product so awesome that people WANT to share far and wide within your niche! This all of course comes with discipline and patience.

To start your journey check out this link.

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Keith A. Heimericks

Black Hills AVP

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