Studio Monitors: What They Are and Why You Need Them.

You just spent 5 hours on a new mix you have been working on for a week! It’s finally DONE! And let’s be honest….you’re more excited than a hillbilly who just got engaged to his first cousin! But something happens when you listen to your new mix in your vehicle, online, in headphones…and pretty much everywhere sound comes out of one of those round things. For some reason, it sounds like crap?!

How is this possible? You crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s, all of the levels looked fine? Well, the short answer is this: Without a decent set of studio monitors and an acoustically treated room you’re flying blind!

You see….studio monitors are designed to maintain a very flat frequency response. This means you will hear when your signal spikes causing a little distortion. You will hear your bass trying to compete with your kick drum. You will hear all of those intricate little details that need your attention so you can isolate them and correct as necessary. If left uncorrected, all of those mistakes will be exaggerated when playing on a normal set of speakers which in turn relates to that crappy mix!

Learn everything you need to know about studio monitors here.

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Keith Heimericks

Black Hills AVP

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