Sound Effects: Why You Need Them In Your Next Video

Have you ever watched a nature documentary where the cameraman is filming an animal from really far away? Yet for some reason, you can hear the animal making noises as if it’s right next to you! This is called Foley, named after the renowned sound effects artist Jack Donovan Foley.

Sound effects make your video come alive and add a tremendous amount of production value to your creation.

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “people will tolerate a poorly recorded film but they will NOT tolerate poor audio”. This saying is absolutely true, so it’s important to understand the sound design of your videos. This starts with getting rid of the song you have playing in the background and replacing it with a custom made track that goes with your story.

Think of how big movie producers do this! If we were watching….say….Avatar for example, and there was a song that played through the whole movie…how engaged would the audience be? Probably not very engaged after a few minutes.

If you’re reading this, then more than likely you are a creator! Maybe you have some stuff on YouTube that you want to be better! How do you get more subscribers? How do you get into sound design to increase your production value? These are all very important questions!

The answers:

You get more subscribers, or views by creating quality content. This takes practice, patience, creativity, and not being afraid of failure!

Sound design isn’t easy, but anyone can learn it….even if you just copy and paste pre-made Foley loops to your video. For instance….one of your characters is walking on a hardwood floor. Paste the Foley loop into the video timeline and sync it up to his or her footsteps! Boom! Instant increase in production value!

You get better by failing. Plain and simple as that! The more you fail as a creator, the more you are going to learn, so get out there and network, learn audio production, how to conduct voiceovers, what equipment you need, etc… This is the key. It really is! As you fail you LEARN! Learning equates to experience. Experience equates to a professional product! Once you have a solid understanding….TEACH other people!

To help you out with Foley loops, there is a GREAT website here that has 32 thousand FREE loops. Check it out, and start syncing them to your projects and you will see what I mean!

If you have questions about audio/video production, make sure you like our Facebook page! We will help you out one on one to get you pointed in the right direction.


Keith Heimericks

Black Hills Audio Video Productions

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