Solid State Drives; How They Will Speed Up Your Audio Production Workflow

If you are new to recording music, or audio production in general, you’ve entered the game at an exceptional time! Technology has advanced at such a rate that I never would have thought possible ten years ago when recording music! I want to take a few minutes to educate some of you about Solid State Drives. Why you should have one for your DAW, and why they are the way to go compared to the old school disk drives!

When I started recording music 10 plus years ago, there wasn’t such a thing as Solid State Drives, or SSDs, 8 Core processors, DDR4 Ram, etc… I used an old…really slow computer that had a 5400 RPM disk drive which was atrocious! It’s a wonder I was able to record anything! Back then, the Sequencers (Cakewalk Sonar, M-Audio, Pro Tools) weren’t nearly as sophisticated though so you could get by…..barely!

Fast forward 10 years and now I’m using an I Buy Power rig with 16 gig of DDR4 Ram, a 6 core Intel 8700K processor and a terabyte of SSD storage! But where am I getting at with you might ask?! Well….with all the bells and whistles of todays computers, one of the single most important components…aside from the processor, is your hardrive!

How fast can it find your loops? How fast can it load that giant Kontakt Script while simultaneously searching and playing complex rhythms, notes, single instruments, and multis! Our sequencers these days require extremely fast hard drives that are able to find all of this information! This is where the SSD comes in!

As its names mentions…it is a “Solid State” drive. It has no moving parts to slow it down like the old disk drives! If you want to get extremely technical and learn all of the ins and outs of each style of hard drive read this article here. However, with most of my posts, I like to gear them to people who are just beginning! Ok….moving on!

So….a Hard Disk Drive spins to find information. Think of a CD! These are incredibly slow, and while they aren’t obsolete, they are definitely being phased out by the SSD style hard drive.

The SSD is incredibly fast! Like….up to 6 gigabytes per second fast! This is due to the fact that it doesn’t have moving parts! When you compare that to the 300 to 500…ish Megabyte per second Hard Disk Drive you can clearly see the benefit of loading your programs, finding loops in a sea of music, or loading a Kontakt Plugin! Everything in our world is information. 1s and 0s that translate to music! The hard drive is one of the smartest and cheapest upgrades to speed up your DAW!

So….if your computer, DAW, or Plugins are running sluggish…think about slapping in a 500 gig Samsung EVO SSD and be amazed at how your computer WAKES up!!!!

When you learn what an SSD is, take a minute and read the above article!

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