Being An Expert In Your Field Only Solves 20 Percent Of Your Success.

You have worked so hard to get your business up to par, to play on the same field as other businesses that seem to be very successful! You’re an expert at your craft, in our case….audio/video production, but these rules apply to all business owners, entrepreneurs, etc.

For some reason you’re not getting the leads that you thought you would get. Where is all of the work? You know there are people that genuinely need your services or products….but for some reason they seem to be lost in the abyss!

Once you’ve learned your craft and are considered an “expert” you have just entered the playing field. You are 20 percent there! So the question is how do you close the gap? I will tell you below!

1. Roll with me for second….I’m going to get a little philosophical! Successful people build others up, unsuccessful people tear others down.

If you want to truly be successful in your niche you need to be genuine. What you say, how you help others solve problems, how you present yourself goes a VERY long way. You see….actions speak louder than words. So while we oftentimes say….”hey, send me a message and I will help you out” or “let me know if you need anything” only goes so far unless you’re a good person with a burning desire that yearns for the success of other people.

You have to take ACTION!

Start reaching out and solving problems for people that are in genuine need in your community, on internet forums, in Facebook or LinkedIn comments sections. Start networking with your local nonprofits. Consistently strive to help in any way, shape, or form! This brings me to the next point and why this is crucial for long term success.

2. Genuine Networking goes a LONG way for your long term success. You see…commercials, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, LinkedIn Posts…these only go so far. They aren’t nearly as powerful as friends referring friends to your service or product. Friends = Trust!

Your network is going to start out as acquaintances, but you should do everything you can to build TRUST with them. You will find out that they will soon become your friends! This is where it’s at! This is where you want to be! Without trust there is no communication. Without communication you are no longer solving problems for people which means you aren’t making money.

Think of it like this. A stranger comes up to you and asks for a 20 dollar bill. How inclined would you be to give it to them?

Same scenario, but this time it’s a good friend asking for the 20 dollars! You are more than likely going to hook them up because you know they need it and you have the element of trust.

The same exact principle applies to your business. Your Customer Relationship Management skills can, and will be the factor that could make or break your business!

It’s so easy if your heart is in the right place! It comes naturally for some and not at all for others. That’s why I’m writing this post! Because I truly yearn for your success! Just as you should for others!

The more people you help without expecting anything in return builds your network. If you actively engage your network and talk about things other than your products and services you will create genuine friendships.

These friendships are WAY more powerful for your business through referrals than you could possibly think and you don’t need to wait for problems to arise to build your network! Start thinking strategic! How can I get people to COME to me instead of me reaching out to THEM? The answer is below!

3. You must have a social media presence!

Whether you’re new to business, or a seasoned pro you must have a blog and a YouTube channel. Create blogs that are relevant to your business…but also relevant to your area. In our case as video producers we can film things to do in our areas. We can film cool places to eat, hiking areas, shopping malls, local attractions, etc… This will bring in organic traffic that you can turn into friends! Your new friends will then refer people to your business!

For other business niches, especially in Real Estate….the same rule applies! If you aren’t that great with a camera, I can promise you that there are freelancers in your area that would love to be on your team! Find them! They will be your best marketing and advertising partners you could ever find or ask for! Find someone who truly wants you to succeed first….and their ability to create content second! This kind of person will be the entire package and a huge asset to your team!

All of the above information is so much easier said than done. It’s time consuming, and at times exhausting. But if you go the extra mile without expecting anything in turn it will showcase you as the professional you are, or need to be!

Conclusion: 20 percent of your success will depend on your expertise in your niche, 80 percent will be building a team of friends that you will work for! This is the 100 percent honest truth in business and how successful people think! If you are a genuine person your Journey is going to be a blast as you help more and more friends build their brand, increase their sales, or deliver products or services to those who need them! From an audio/video production standpoint you could litterally be the key that pushes your friends business into awesomeness! This alone should be the reason you exist….the content you create should be second!

Once you figure out how to solve your friend’s problems using you’re audio/video, real estate, or business expertise…just sit back and watch as yours, and their success skyrockets!

This……this is what it’s all about!

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