How To Setup A DAW For Streaming

Did you know that you can live stream your digital audio workstation (DAW)?!

Imagine how cool it would be to teach people how to play the guitar during a livestream on Facebook or YouTube while using REAPER, Cubase, Bandlab, Sonar, or Pro Tools! Or, maybe you just want to start a YouTube Channel, promote your business, or just get a message out to your niche while doing so professionally. This can all be done rather quickly by adding a plugin called Voxengo as the final plugin in your master track. There will be a delay so expect that, however it can be fixed. Follow the link at the bottom of the post to learn more about how to fix this. However, for now…let’s continue on.

Disclaimer: the Voxengo plugin looks sketchy! It’s ok. Download it…you will be just fine!

Live streaming your DAW, or really, live streaming in general saves a tremendous amount of time as you don’t have to go back and edit your video, not to mention you can answer peoples questions in real time! You can create a plethora of high value content videos for people in the fraction of the time! Beware though…the quality isn’t quite as good as it would be if you used your pro camera and filmed/edited the footage! The bitrates are higher when you use your pro camera meaning you get more information in your videos….this means better quality!

A stream on the other hand is at the mercy of your computers processor and your internet connection! Learn more about this here.

OBS is one of the best livestreaming apps on the market….and it’s FREE!

While this post primarily covers audio production, it will work for video production as well. However, if you’re teaching a video production course you don’t really need to know anything to technical as you will showcase what you are doing with a screen share and normally just a standard USB mic.

I guess what I mean is…when live streaming Premiere Pro for example, you won’t need to show your audience….in real time the before and after SOUND of an audio file.

These would include compression, eq, dynamics, a master A and B track, or maybe just a little guitar playing. You can’t do this kind of stuff as professionally in a Video Editor like Premiere Pro….it needs to be showcased from your DAW. More specifically, as stated above…from your master track.

You can capture the entire mix from your Master Track Output, in OBS add the input that will capture the Master track in your DAW….boom! Pro audio!

Disclaimer: this is much easier said than done. Don’t give up because when you figure it out the sky is the limit for your creativity sharing!

Enough said though. Let’s get to the point!

You want to learn how use the professional sound straight from your DAW in your streaming platform….example, OBS!

Here you go!

Start learning by following this link here.

Another way to do this is by using Voicemeters Banana software!

Watch a great YouTube Video on how to do this here.

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