How To Get Leads Organically; A Guide For New Real Estate Agents

How many marketing folks have you stumbled across that promised you the stars? A lot I’m sure. However, if you are truly searching for the key to unlock organic leads for your Real Estate business you need to know one thing. It takes WORK!

Creating and maintaining your brand is one of the most important things you can do as a Realtor. This actually applies to all business owners to be honest. So why do so many people have questions about how to get Real Estate leads? The answer is right in front of them! Because it takes WORK! Nothing worth achieving is easy. Anyone who says otherwise will be feeding you a line of garbage!

If you want a genuine, long term, no BS way to break into your local Real Estate Market you need three things.

1. A wordpress site

2. A Facebook Business Page

3. A YouTube Account

4. An Innovative/Positive Outlook

5. A “Never Except Failure” Outlook

I think this chart sums it up pretty well! Always strive to be in the Learning Zone. ALWAYS! This is coming from Master Sergeant Heimericks…..not Keith. 16 Years in the United States Air Force has taught me very well about why being comfortable is never a good thing! The same rules apply in business!

Now, here is the fun part! Not really though because what I’m getting ready to teach you is going to require a MAJOR learning curve in SEO, Blog Writing, and Audio/Video Production.


If you want to start growing your network you need to start thinking strategically within your local area. You need to research keywords that people are searching for on Google and capitalizing on those keywords with videos and blogs! For example, yes…you’re primarily worried about how to market your homes that are for sale and it would make since that your blogs and videos would be about the home buying process, real estate jobs, for sale by owner process, or maybe something about first time homebuyers right? WRONG! Well….sort of. Definitely add those topics, just make them very localized. However, as a Realtor that is looking for organic LEADS, you need to start developing relationships. You need to HUSTLE. As you create more and more local content people are going to reach out to you! You will become an INFLUENCER in your local area! Don’t even THINK about mentioning that your a realtor until AFTER you have established a solid relationship with them. They aren’t your friends yet and won’t be open to you yet……it’s just weird…..don’t do it. Wait until there is trust in your relationship first. Just be genuine, answer their questions….and see if they want to meet up for coffe or something.

Once again….NO SALES PITCH at this time! Seriously….lol. This is about long-term connections, not fast sales. Ok, I think you get the point, moving on!

Successful Realtors, and business owners alike make connections. They network their butts off and turn their network into friends. These friends are the catalyst for your long-term success! Guess who will start getting SERIOUS referrals in 6 months to a year? YOU!

This requires the Realtor to have a solid social game! To make connections, you need to become an influencer in your local area. You need to create blogs about places to eat, areas to see, outdoors stuff, local attractions, etc… This is when your WordPress site is going to win BIG TIME for you or your company!

Here is the exact way to do this:

Go to Google Trends and search what people are looking for locally.

Go film what they are looking for. Upload the film to your new YouTube channel.

Write a blog article on WordPress using the correct keywords that surround the topic consisting of 700 to 1000 words. Ensure ot is in-depth information, but not boring!

Use longer tails for your keywords. Instead of saying “Chinese Restaurants” say “the top five Chinese Restaurants in X City”. The more specific the better! It will rank your site higher locally if you are adding specific local keywords as often as possible.

Use keywords in your blog post that people are actually searching for in your area based off of Google Trends or other marketing platforms.

Link your YouTube video within your blog post!

Wash, rinse, repeat!

This is seriously one of the best, if not THE best way to grow your brand and increase your sales exponentially. It will NOT happen overnight. This is a long-term solution (6 months to a year) but if you are ready to pull up your sleeves and get to work you will have a very successful business for decades to come.


As stated earlier, the YouTube videos will be placed within your blog posts. This not only increases your professionalism, but enables your real estate business to capitalize on what people are actually doing when going online….(watching videos).

Video is already the next big thing. If you don’t know how to film your own properties, or at least take photos of your homes for sale and turning them into a video you need to learn this skill QUICK! It’s much easier than you might think and believe it or not….if you have a new cell phone the camera quality will be just fine for blog videos and home walkthroughs. All you will need to do is to mount your phone to a cell phone gumbal. Zhiyun makes an awesome gimbal for around $100. The Smooth Q, which can be purchased at Best Buy. If you mount the gimbal to a monopod…..MONEY!

You can learn more about gimbals on one of my other blog posts here.

A YouTube video also enables a highly shareable, Google friendly platform that you can use to boost your properties on Facebook to reach your target market!

Why pay Zillow thousands of dollars for leads that are usually deadends when you can boost the video of a home that YOU created….because you’re awesome, for under a hundred bucks!

Once you get the hang of this and continue to blog and make connections, grow your network, and turn them into friends….the videos you post won’t even need to be boosted anymore. You see….friends want to help friends and the best way to sell homes is through referrals….which, you guessed it…come from your network/friends! Crazy how that works right?! Haha!

Imagine following this formula and within a year….you post a video of a property and your friends start tagging THEIR friends. Next thing you know you are getting phone calls….then BAM….another property is sold! It’s this easy, but you HAVE to hustle to build your network.


Your Facebook business page is the muscle of your organic lead campaign. Everyone uses Facebook. However, without following the WordPress/YouTube formula your friends list is going to be lacking.

I’m not going to get into much detail about a Facebook business page and its importance. If you are reading this, I’m sure you are already well aware! I will however, touch on the importance of boosting your posts.

Before you have a large network of friends you’re going to need to do some boosting. Even after you have a large list of friends….you’re still going to need to know how to boost correctly. Pay very close attention to your boosted posts relevance score as this will tell you how accurate you are reaching your target market.

For example, let’s say you reached out to a for sale by owner, and they agree to list their home with you. They are a military family that lives next to an Air Force Base. Are you going to boost the post as gorgeous home for sale, or georgious home for sale within 2 miles of X Air Force Base. Priced to meet your BAH! When you target people just be specific to their needs and habits. It’s all about solving their problems! They need it solved so it is up to you if it will be you solving it, or the Realtor down the street.

Now…since you want to take this serious, you actually took the time to film the property and let’s say you added a voiceover that hit all of the key points! You added pictures as well! Just share the YouTube video to your Facebook Business Page, boost it with a funnel….”get in contact with Realtor X here” and you have just outwitted 90 percent of your competition.

Even people in the video/marketing world barely know audio production. Usually it’s one or the other. This is why it’s important to hire the correct marketing professionals! Someone who can do it all! Audio, Video, AND Marketing.

If all of this sounds really confusing, or you are just to busy to kick this off, reach out to us.

We will set up your WordPress Blog, YouTube Account, Facebook Business page….if needed, then link everything so they are all talking! One WordPress blog post equals instant sharing across your social media platforms!

Once your accounts are setup we will TRAIN you HOW to blog, film videos, do voiceovers for your videos, SEO, etc… Nobody is doing this and I’m proud to say we offer it!

So, in a nutshell you will have a lifetime partner/friend! We are very highly rated! Check out our Google Listing and reviews here.

If you want to work with us, you can learn more about how we can get you setup with everything you will need here. Just reach out to us via the information below if you have any questions!

As always, please don’t forget to like our Facebook Page to ask questions and to start learning about Audio/Video and Marketing Topics! Specifically Real Estate Marketing, but really any business as organic marketing is pretty much the same principle across the board….just different content.

Keith Heimericks

Owner of Black Hills AVP

Rapid City, South Dakota

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