Cinematic Rock and Alt/Metal Tracks

We specialize in Cinematic Rock! All of our tracks are recorded in-house using our professional recording studio. The mastermind behind each track is Keith Heimericks, an award winning musician with more than 15 years of experience creating and recording music. We are proud to have him on board because we feel the world lacks in the area of distorted awesomeness! When you start mixing Cinematic with Rock and Alternative Metal “normal” people call you crazy. If you’re here, you aren’t like the rest and we respect that! The below tracks are free until the complete album has been completed so download away! Don’t worry…we will never bother you about copyright issues. EVER! We are video creators as well….we get it!

Guitars and Orchestral Drums
Rising Above
The Abyss
Business Advertisement
Pure Rock in Drop C Tuning

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