Black Hills Adventures

The Black Hills in western South Dakota are a true beauty! This page will be dedicated to the adventures that can be had within this pristine awesomeness!


“No fish except suckers & dace. Both take grasshoppers readily from the surface of the water. The suckers are better eating…” – Col R.I. Dodge, 1875 expedition to the Black Hills, from Kime 1996.

If you haven’t looked into the history of the Black Hills you would never know that our amazing fishing opportunities are the way they are because of the efforts of our local officials. Aside from suckers and dace as stated by Col Dodge above, none of the fish we have here are native! As a matter of fact, our trout came from Colorado, which even further back came from Europe!

Black Hills Lakes

There are more than 18 major lakes located throughout the black hills in western South Dakota!

Sylvan Lake: Custer South Dakota

A few of the best ones for fishing are Sheridan Lake, Pactola Lake, Stockade Lake in Custer South Dakota, Angostura Lake in Hot Springs South Dakota, and finally, Deerfield which is north of Hill City! The farthest lake from Rapid City is Angostura, which is an hour drive west of town. The biggest lake we have is Pactola which is just over 1.2k acres!

Stream Fishing in Rapid City, and the Black Hills

Rapid Creek: Silver City, South Dakota

We have hundreds of miles of prime trout fishing streams so go get a fly rod from Cabellas and experience trout fishing at its finest! The bundles they sell are just fine. Just get a 4 weight fly rod or smaller. Check them out here. This is also the best way to experience the sheer beauty of the Black Hills! There are huge Rainbows and Browns right here in Rapid City as well!

Our primary fish species in our streams such as Rapid Creek, Spring Creek, etc… are Trout. More specifically, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and Brook Trout.

Brown Trout in Rapid Creek

If you’re wanting to try your hand at catching one of these go to Dakota Angler on 7th street and ask them about which fly patterns to use. These guys are locals and know the area like the back of their hands. There website is here.

I can tell you from experience that there are 3 main fly patters here that catch trout all day every day so you don’t have to get to specific.

If you stick with the nymph pattern shown below you will slay fish all day everyday in our area! Just stick with a size 12 or 14.

Use This Nymph Patter! “Bead Head Hares Ear”

If you want to learn how to catch trout in our streams watch this video. It shows you how to read our creeks….aka where the trout are at! It will teach you where to cast your line so you can put the nymph right in front of them!

Rainbow Trout: Upstream of Canyon Lake

We are in the process of filming fishing, hiking, gold panning, and things to do in the Black Hills so stay tuned and keep coming back! If you want to get involved, let us know!

In the meantime, check out the videos we have filmed thus far! Just click on the pictures, they are linked to the videos!

Mitchell Lake (Hill City, SD) – Trout

Rapid Creek (The Fairgrounds) – Trout

Newell Lake – Pike Fishing

I caught this pike in a pond in Rapid Valley!
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