Real Estate Photography

The first picture a buyer sees in an MLS listing should grab their attention right away!  Professional photos do just that resulting in more click-throughs and potential buyers.

This service includes up to 30 high resolution photos of your residential or commercial properties. All images captured are done so with top of the line Sony cameras and professional wide-angle lenses. We are expert real estate photographers & understand the MLS requirements exceptionally well! All you will need to do is drag and drop them into your listing….no editing what so ever required!

The pictures below are a few examples of our work!

Anyone can just snap a photo with a camera right? Yes, but really….no. At least you shouldn’t anyway.

It’s important to showcase the value of your property to potential buyers. To do this correctly you need to use a professional camera, know how to shoot in RAW, and how to color grade the images in post. We use wide-angle lenses for all of the real estate photography we do. You will never get a fish-eye effect from our services and all of the important details and lighting will be shown.

When you take a picture with a cell phone, or if you don’t understand important Photography concepts, you could miss out on a tremendous amount of information that should be brought to life with a professional camera, lens, and an experienced photographer.

For more questions, or to book Black Hills AVP for your real estate needs, just give us a call at 605-593-1711!

You can also send us a message via our Facebook page here.

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