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If you own a business, you are constantly on the hunt to get more leads…and to do so as cheap as possible. Paid advertising is great, but can be very expensive. There are ways to get a major boost in online traffic to your brick and mortar location and website using a long-term strategy in conjunction with free Google searches, Social Media, and your website.

Google “My Business Profiles” – Better Than Paid Advertising.

This below image is a snapshot of a local Real Estate Agency’s “Google My Business” profile. We took over at the end of May ’19 and as you can see, they are enjoying a MAJOR boost in organic traffic to their website.

We also positioned them in the number one spot in less than a week and they have maintained that spot since!

There is a catch though! These guys deserved to be in this spot, are highly rated…but were buried because their competition was just “better” at marketing. If this sounds like your business, we can help you out!

What Are The Top Spots On Google?

When someone searches for a product or service on Google, three businesses populate in the search results as shown above. You can click the “More Businesses” button…but just like page 2, 3, 4, etc… on a Google search, people won’t click on them. The majority of people click one of the first three businesses!

So, why in the world would a business that only has a few reviews be in the top three results when searching locally? It’s because they have optimized their Google My Business page, it’s being maintained, and they are posting information very strategically.

At the end of the day Google is an algorithm, and that algorithm favors business profiles that capitalize on ALL of the features the Google My Business listing offers.

So, if your business is highly rated, but buried…we can fix that. Your profile just needs to be tweaked and maintained. Then, and only then will you capitalize on all of that free organic traffic!

What We Will Do For You!

We are expert online marketers! We establish, create, and integrate Google platforms, Word Press solutions, Social Media accounts, and conduct white hat SEO marketing techniques for your business!

All of our online marketing content is created using our state of the art audio/video/photography production studio!

The content we create is of your business, your products, your brand! We also provide monthly marketing metrics, a quarterly SWOT analysis, and guide discussions with your management team on how they want to position your company long-term. This is conducted at your location, and is completely transparent! We will never “hide” anything from you, and you can always expect the truth.

Everything we create is strategic that establishes long-term sales, marketing, and lead gen solutions based off of trend analysis data of what people are actually searching for.

We do this using Google Analytics. This data is then used to create targeted content which drives long-term results for your company locally and nationwide.

In short….we are good at this and will make you money while enabling your company to establish a major presence in your community.

Need Social Media Help? Easy!

If you don’t have social media accounts set up don’t worry! We will do it all for you! All content is created with your target niche in mind to include on site, (at your location) filming and photography.

We will also provide Facebook boosting services to get your products and services to the masses. Just set your budget, and we will do the rest! All boosted posts will contain photos and videos that we have taken at your location and specifically targeted to your niche.

If you are ready to get serious about your brand and want to start SELLING more products and services, give us a call, let’s build a relationship and key in on how to get you LEADS!

Price: $500 Per Month!!!!

Just fill out the below form and let us know how we can help!

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