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We are all about Full High Definition video production! We at Black Hills AVP proudly support small businesses in Rapid City, South Dakota, as well as editing services for realtors and companies nationwide! As freelancers, we can save you a ton of money while delivering the same professional results as a major multimedia organization!

We can do this because we don’t have employees, fixed costs, insurance premiums, and so much more! We are however, fully licensed independent contractors with a plethora of experience! If you are a small business in need of one of the following video services just send us an email, or give us a call or text via the information at the bottom of the screen!

Virtual Tour For MLS Listings: Video – Price – $500

If you are selling a home that is under $500k you pay us after your home sells! Realtors pay after commission check is received. If the home doesn’t sell…you owe us nothing! It doesn’t get any better than that. You have zero risk! This is a great option for homes in the $350k plus range that sit on the market for a while! It is super easy to link a video from YouTube to your MLS listing to create a virtual tour for your prospective clients! Give your buyer what they are looking for with this service! All you need is to get them to the door!

Check out our most recent video for a commercial investment property here.

High definition video is just that though.  It doesn’t solve a problem.  We are here every step of the way to help you get clients to the doorstep if you so choose.  After the video is created, we will add it to our YouTube page, then share it via social media.  It can also be boosted to reach your target market increasing your chances of landing a buyer VERY quickly!  Your name and contact information will be located within the video so don’t be too surprised if you start getting a LOT of interest!

Virtual Tour For MLS Listings: Photos Only – $250

Not all homes need a professional video! However, all homes you are listing should have a virtual tour! We can take your pictures and transform them into a high definition video with a professional voice over and custom scored audio track. The voice over will hit all of the key points of the property giving the buyer an up-front experience! This service is perfect for homes priced at $349K or less. Homes that you know are going to sell, but you still want to get buyers to your doorstep with a virtual tour that is contained within the MLS listing. The videos are posted to either our YouTube channel, or yours and the link is pasted within the MLS listing.

Watch this video to see this service in action here!

This was a property that we just completed here in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Conference Videos:  Price – See Details in Paragraph Below

Price – $300 for 1 to 3 hour event. $400 for half day event. $800 for all day event. Three payments can be made for the half and full day event.

If you are a professional speaker, a manager, maybe a CEO and you conduct speeches in front of large groups of audiences, gives us a call and we will film it so you can share it to the world!

This includes filming one speaker at a time, however, multiple speakers can be filmed upon request! As of right now, we can only operate one camera. Check beck in the very near future for multiple cameras!

Training Videos:  Price $60 Per Hour/Flat Rate

This service is hands down one of the most valuable things you can do for your bottom line. With this service, we will come to your location and film your subject matter experts that will teach your employees any subject that you deem appropriate! This service is perfect for organizations that deal with complex tasks that require in-depth training! You can trust that we know what we are doing as we have 12 years of Management, Leadership, and Training expertise gained from the United States Air Force with the degrees to back it up!

Advertising Videos:  Price – $500

The digital age has crowded the online marketplace and TV ads aren’t as effective as they used to be…not to mention how expensive they are! We have an easy solution! We will film any advertising need you might have from start to finish based off of your requirements.  We have two options for you.

1. Produce the High Definition video and hand it over to you to do as you please for $500.

2. Produce the High Definition video, create a YouTube and Facebook account for your business, share the video to your Facebook, then TEACH you how to boost your advertisement for pennies on the dollar. This method will reach thousands of your (Target Market) clients in our area or nationwide. This is the way of the future and is very cost-effective! Price for this service is $1,000 and can be split up over 3 payments of needed.

Aerial Inspections/Photography:  Price – $200

We are Part 107 Certified and fully licensed! We have 4k drones that will film in tremendous detail in hard to reach, or dangerous locations! This is a great service for safety minded organizations with complex and dangerous tasks that require employees to conduct inspections on top of buildings, power lines, tanks, roofs, etc…

We can also take photos of your property!

For questions, or booking please email, or gives us a call or text at 605-593-1711

You can also send us a message via our Facebook page here.

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