Real Estate Photography

This service includes up to 30 high resolution photos of the home and are captured with a top of the line Sony camera with professional lenses.


If you need a professional real estate photographer in Rapid City, South Dakota, you have come to the right place. Yes, we take great photos, but the real value is our experience with social media marketing and advertising! You will get so much more than photos and videos from us if you need the help! We won’t charge you an arm and a leg either!

Turn all of your photos into a video! Upon your request, we can also create a video of the real estate property photos that includes a professional voiceover that will hit all of the key points of the home! We will then upload it to YouTube and teach you how to boost it on Facebook to reach your target audience. This equals RESULTS! This service is only an extra $100!

Youtube and Facebook videos are unbelievably POWERFUL! By turning your photos into a video you can paste the link into your MLS listing to include a virtual tour of the property. This creates tremendous value for prospective home buyers, and is a major key to get qaulified leads to the property virtually eliminating those who are only “curious”. Follow this LINK to see an example of this service!

But anyone can just snap a photo with a camera right? Yes, but really….no. At least you shouldn’t anyway. It’s important to showcase the value of your property to potential buyers. To do this correctly you need to use a professional camera, know how to shoot in RAW, and how to color grade the images in post. We use wide-angle lenses for all of the real estate photography we do. You will never get a fish-eye effect from our services and all of the important details and lighting will be shown. When you take a picture with a cell phone you are leaving out a tremendous amount of information that should be brought to life with a professional camera, lens, and an experienced photographer that knows how to showcase the best for your property.

What you post online will be the determining factor if a client responds to your ad. Don’t cut yourself short with sub-par pictures and no virtual tour!

Realtors: It gets better! There are no up front costs for you. (Realtors Only)…We provide a professional service, deliver the photos and video to you within five days so you can upload them to your site, and you don’t have to pay us until the property sells. This applies to all homes under $500k! Once you get your commission, you pay within 15 days! There is no risk to you! If the property doesn’t sell…you don’t pay anything…zero risk.

For more questions, or to book Black Hills AVP for your real estate needs, just send us an email at, or give us a call/text at 605-593-1711!

You can also send us a message via our Facebook page here.

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