The Black Hills

This page is a work in progress: The Black Hills in western South Dakota are a true beauty! This page will be dedicated to the adventures that can be had within this pristine awesomeness!


There are more than 18 major lakes located throughout the black hills in western South Dakota! A few of the best ones for fishing are Sheridan Lake, Pactola Lake, Stockade Lake in Custer South Dakota, Angostura Lake in Hot Springs South Dakota, and finally, Deerfield which is north of Hill City! The farthest lake from Rapid City is Angostura, which is an hour drive west of town.

There are a number of smaller lakes throughout the Black Hills but these are a few of the best ones in my opinion! We also have hundreds of miles of prime trout fishing streams so go get a fly rod and experience trout fishing at its finest! This is also the best way to experience the sheer beauty of the Black Hills!

Rapid Creek Fly Fishing – Catch Trout Right In Rapid City

There are a plethora of fish species in western South Dakota so you won’t be disappointed if you’re after a specific kind! Our primary fish species in our streams such as Rapid Creek, Spring Creek, etc… are Trout. More specifically, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and Brook Trout. If you’re wanting to try your hand at catching one of these go to Dakota Angler on 7th street and ask them about which fly patterns to use. These guys are locals and know the area lime the back of their hands. There website is here. I can tell you from experience that there are 3 main fly patters here that catch trout all day every day so you don’t have to get to specific.

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